Received a email today (04/07/2014) from

To our Dyn free hostname users:

For the last 15 years, all of us at Dyn have taken pride in offering you and millions of others a free version of our Dynamic DNS Pro product. What was originally a product built for a small group of users has blossomed into an exciting technology used around the world.

That is why with mixed emotions we are notifying you that in 30 days, we will be ending our free hostname program. This change in the business will allow us to invest in our customer support teams, Internet infrastructure, and platform security so that we can continue to strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience for our paying customers.

As such in 30 days this site will no longer be available via, for those wishing to stay in contact with me you can use any of the above links provide via to do so.

There is not much content here at this time, but you can view:

My Fiction Collection (limited)

My Photo Samples.

My Resume.

My Usage License for my online digital works.

Thank you for visiting!